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Such an amazing stage in life. When someone finally turns 18 and they embrace the courage and wisdom to reflect on where God has brought them from and have a pretty solid idea of where the Lord is leading with the next step.


Today our Full-time Faith-based Non-Profit ministry- Broken Vessels Ministry, Inc., is celebrating its 18th Birthday!




Today, we reflect on those moments of learning how to crawl and walk as a ministry. We remember and honor the folks who came alongside us and helped us in the growing process. Gleaning from their wisdom and applying the things which were beneficial for us to be best equipped to be all we can be for the glory of God, was such a tremendous blessing. Mentors like: Daniel Dardar, Sr., Jerry Chaddick, Glenn Price, Bill Britt, Randall Gill, Jack Daniels, Shane Stutzman, Jeff Stockdale and many more who walked in and out of our lives at “God Times” made for good times which will never be forgotten.


Then, to reminisce of the guys whom the Lord used in a mighty way to impact our ministry and the lives of countless thousands by serving alongside us; sharing their talents and gifts. Guys like: Sonny Dardar, “Wild Bill” Loftin, Ryan Bourque, Wes Spears, Rodney Paul Mazilly, Skip Birtman, Corey Mayerlan, Cory Welch, Scott Conyers, James & Eric Foshee, Daniel Miller, Jared Savoie, Phillip Cole, Jace Verdin, Phil Baquie, Chris Knight, Brandon Taulbee, Calvin Barnes, Loren Prothero, Ben Davis, Dustin Sauder, Eric Green, Spencer and Preston Dalton, Clint Milburn, Jonathan Dimmel, Dave Willey, and Jono Brymer. These guys became as brothers and still encourage and support us from their new called ministries. I never take for granted the blessing they each have been to me personally and to my family. I love them so much.


Broken Vessels stops today to thank each pastor, youth pastor, school, business, and organization which has brought us in time and time again to share the message of Christ and personal testimony of what the Lord is working in and through us. We are grateful for these opportunities and look forward to being back with you again soon.


18 years old.
 That’s old enough to have children and experience a whole new level of life. This is exactly what our ministry is experiencing. Such an overwhelming joy. Such an amazing challenge. However, our children who were raised in this ministry, have gone from finding a beat or playing a lick or riff to knowing their instrument and displaying what it means to worship in Spirit and Truth. It thrills my soul to watch others view their example and join them in praise. Our children are now fully involved in so many aspects of this ministry.


Broken Vessels’ current band members are:
Tory Dardar– writer, vocals, rhythm guitar
Kaytlun Dardar– writer, vocals, keys
Tori Dardar– writer, vocals, drums, auxiliary player
Rylee Dardar– writer, vocals, lead guitars, auxiliary player
Haley Dardar– bass
Elayne Dardar– percussion, guitar
Skyler Dardar– vocals
Melisa Dardar– media
Jim Fulford– Sound Engineer


The Dardar Family.JPG


Longevity. We are well aware that many Evangelist/Missionary ministries, especially music evangelism, often do not last this long. We even had folks try to “encourage” us with advice to take a church job as soon as we can, because “you can’t make it in music evangelism.” Well, good thing our goal was never to “make it,” but making much of Jesus!
Here is something for you to remember and what I have shared with many for a number of years now- “Success isn’t gauged by the outcome or the crowd; it’s gauged by your obedience to Christ.” We must simply be found faithful. He alone brings forth the increase.


We thank each and everyone of you who have and who still continue to support this ministry with your prayers and faithfulness to give financially to keep us on the road. We are looking forward to all the Lord has in store for us this year and for years to come. He is worthy. To God Be ALL the Glory!!!


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