"He Is Risen"

Tory Dardar (2009)


Verse 1

Often I have wondered

Just how it would've been

If it were I who'd

Gone running after Him

If I had seen the tomb

Where the stone was rolled away

If I met the angel 

And heard him say



Why do you search for the Living

Among the dead

He is Risen

He is Risen

He is not here

It is just as He said

He is Risen 

He is Risen 


Verse 2

Would I have been like Thomas

When he heard what Peter said 

"I've seen the Messiah

I saw the One who bled"

Don't know if I'd be doubting

If I never touched the scars

'Cause I saw Him die

And it broke my heart



If Christ were not risen

Our faith would be in vain

And we'd be lost in our sin

But He has conquered

Both hell and the grave

And we may enter in

Now we may enter in

Yes we may enter in