"I'll Wait"

Torilynn Dardar


You said be still and that then I would know

You're the Lord of my Life and you have all control

But there's a fork in the path don't know which way to go

So I'll search for Your voice 'cause You're all that I know


So now I wait

So now I wait


I've been waiting and still I'm not sure that I know

If it's all just a waste and that I'm all alone

But there's an aching inside and I won't let it go

'Cause it's down on my knees that I'm closest to You


So now I wait

So now I wait

So now I wait

So now I wait


You said joy would come in the morning

And my weeping would turn into dancing

You said that peace would come in the midst of my valley

And that hope is only found in You


So I wait

Oh I wait

Oh so I wait