"I'm Not" (2013)

Tory Dardar


Verse 1

Nervous, twenty-year-old boy and the

Only girl who brought him joy

Are now standing on the doorway of pain

Despite the goals that they had set they

Walked the road called regret 

And now he looks at her to say



I'm not the man I oughta be

But I'm not who I was

I'm changing every moment and

It's all because your love

Despite the darkest part of me

Hidden in the heart of me

Is a hope that you and I can plainly see...

I am not yet who I'm gonna be


Verse 2

Thirty-three and bills to pay

It's getting harder everyday

And so he tries to find some work

A crumbling economy 

Forces his apology

And now he looks to her to say


Verse 3

Eighty-two and near the end

Lying by his life-long friend

He turns 

For their final embrace

"Baby, it's time I go,

One more thing I hope you know

That by the grace of God I say..."