"Land of No Return"(2008)

Tory Dardar


Verse 1

Everyday, I see the sun rising in the eastern sky

Wondering if today You'll come and take me to eternal life

'Cause I wanna go

Hoping that I'll see Your face smiling as You part the clouds

Seeing all the dead men rise as You call Your children out

'Cause I wanna go


To the Land of No Return

the place that I could never earn

Safe with You. I'll stay with You.

In the home I've longed to see

the place where I'll forever be

Safe with You. I'll stay with You. Yeah.

Verse 2

I know one day I'll the Son returning in the eastern sky

Riding on a great white horse; Flame of victory in His eyes

And I wanna go.

With His vesture dipped in blood, His name is called The Word of God.

Coming down to be the judge, with the saints all by His side.

And I wanna go.