"So Others Might Live" (2009)

Tory Dardar


Verse 1

Out on the ocean

In the middle of the night

He looks for survivors

In the pale moonlight


The waters are angry

But a voice he still hears

Now he's faced with a question

Between courage and fear


A dad and a brother

May lose a loved one

He rushes in anyway



So that others might live

He counted the cost

And he laid down his life 

For his friend


So that others might know

A life that is given 

Is the greatest love 

Ever shown


So that others might live


Verse 2

Faced with a question

With a life on the line

There's no turning back

Very little time


No room for error

In the choice he must make

So he thinks for a moment 

On what is at stake


A child and a mother 

May lose a loved one 

He knows there is no other way


Verse 3

Out in the Garden

While His prayer partners sleep

The cup He has barried

Compels Him to weep


As sweat drops of blood

Continue to run

He cries to the Father

"Let Your will be done"


He goes to the Cross 

For you and your loved ones

He knows there is no other way