Tory Dardar


Verse 1

Seventeen with a baby girl

Who's smile lights up the world

But in her eyes you see

The man who walked away


Broken-hearted, all alone

To raise a child on your own

You're tired, wanting, and afraid



Let me be your Valentine

Hold you close and Call you Mine

Wipe every tear from your eyes

And when your heart breaks

Know, my love, I'll find a way

To give you all you need

Just trust in me


Verse 2

Precious one, fatherless

Know that you are nothing less

Than a lovely pearl

Fashioned by your pain


Coming from a broken home

You're looking for a shred of hope

You're hurt, confused, and needing love



I'll be your Protector

And keep you safe forever

I'll shelter you from the storm

You'll want for love no longer

I'll be your knight in armor

I'll give my life to win your love